Uniform and Dress Code

The purpose of our uniform policy

Where students are allowed to wear whatever they please, fashion often becomes a kind of tyranny, exercising great control over a student’s mind, from social relationships, concerns over popularity, questions of individual expression, and the tone of a classroom. We uphold standards in dress and grooming because we seek to cultivate an atmosphere of order and unity that is conducive to learning.  Genuine diversity comes not from dress and grooming, but from the cultivation of each student's unique mind and character. 

Our uniform policy encourages standards of dress and appearance that reflect the appropriate tone of school life.

Uniforms are beneficial for many reasons, including:

    1. Modesty and neatness.
    2. Cost-effectiveness.
    3. Helping parents by eliminating any disagreements over what to wear to school, and promoting time efficiency and organization through simplicity
    4. Students in uniform focus more on their studies than their clothes.
    5. When uniforms are worn, the atmosphere in the classroom is calmer, more polite, and more attentive.
    6. Minimized economic differences.
    7. Makes students easily identifiable during off campus events.

All students at Veritas present themselves with an appearance that does not draw undue attention to one’s self and are characterized as clean, modest and professional.

To achieve the benefits of a uniform policy, the policy is enforced by the school administration.  Guidelines are available in the Parent/Student handbook. Therefore, if a student is wearing an item that is not one of the uniform options, a note will be sent home to the parents.  The standards of dress and grooming provided within the policy are not exhaustive; all dress and grooming is subject to the judgment of the administration.

School uniforms can be purchased through Donald's Uniforms, Lands' End, or other stores that carry our colors and style. Our school logo is required on polo shirts, boy's dress shirts, sweaters and blazers. In addition to Donald's Uniforms, the school logo can be added through Gold Star Print Works in Lindstrom.

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