To give families more payment options, and to reduce the administrative time and cost associated with the collecting and following-up of tuition, Veritas Academy offers a payment plan solution. Parents can setup a monthly payment plan. Choose the appropriate option for the grade level below.

TUITION Structure:

Grade Monthly (10 months) Annually
Kindergarten - 5th $433.80/month (plus fees) $4338/Year
Grades 6-8 $475.00/month (plus fees) $4750/year
Grades 9-12 $525.00/month (plus fees) $5250/year

Application fee: $125. Books and activity fees NOT included.

10-month monthly schedule includes Credit Card processing fees.

K- 5 Grade Tuition 6-8 Grade Tuition 9-12 Grade Tuition
Monthly Plan Monthly Plan Monthly Plan
$450 $495 $545
Setup Payment Setup Payment Setup Payment

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