Incubator for tomorrow's Leaders

Veritas Academy takes leadership development seriously. In addition to offering a classical Christian K-12 education, we are intentional about preparing 9th-12th grade carefully selected students for Statesmanship through our Track 3: Veritas Academy Leadership option. Students who qualify for this have demonstrated a strong aptitude for every kind of learning, and are well informed, quick to understand, and committed to excellence (Daniel 1:4). This track design has considered the following key questions:

    1. What are the marks of a statesman?
    2. What does it take to prepare one?

Al Quie Statesman Scholarship Fund

Aware that not all students have the means to participate in an education that will maximize their potential, a scholarship fund has been established in honor of former Minnesota Governor Al Quie. Founder Susie Brooks is very aware of what it means to be an "outlier." Orphaned at a young age and ending up in an abusive situation, she was never expected to succeed in life. Like others in similar situations, her talent was unrecognized until someone saw her, and intervened. Today, her accomplishments that include the ability to conceive a vision such as Veritas, are still unfolding. You can read more about her story of courage, resilience, and rejection of victim hood in her recently reprinted book, "He Really Is My Father."

The Al Quie Statesman Scholarship Fund is intended for the student who, under normal circumstances, would not be expected to succeed in life. His or her talent is unrecognized because no one “sees” it. Yet, like a rare pearl, given the right educational opportunity, this student’s potential can result in a global citizen who possesses the qualities of a Statesman. Veritas is proud to be associated with Governor Quie because of his exemplary leadership and commitment to biblical values. The unveiling of the Al Quie Statesman Scholarship Fund took place on May 16, 2015. Each year Veritas Academy will offer a maximum of four Gov. Quie Statesman Scholarships. Eligible students will need to apply for consideration. Details will be published at the beginning of the school year. Contact the school for more information.

Veritas Academy is currently raising funds towards the Statesman Scholarship Fund. You may contribute to this fund though our Donate Page.