Veritas Academy's Spiritual Formation Program

Veritas Chapel and Academy seeks to help parents and teachers positively focus their influence to shape the lives of children. We strive to make disciples of Christ through families and raise up a Christ-centered generation that is equipped to change society.

As a vital part of Veritas Academy's education, Veritas Chapel's vision is to create disciples who are:

  1. Intellectually stimulated (Daniel 1:17)
  2. Grounded in the word of God (Colossians 2:7)
  3. Committed to the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20)

These goals will be achieved through a deliberate quest to help the Veritas community identify, understand, and apply their God-given unique design for optimum achievement to impact the world through biblical thought and action. By integrating the chapel program with academics, we will focus on three areas of development:

Unique Design - helping parents and their children to understand their child's unique hard wiring (abilities, preferred subjects, optimal circumstances, relationships, and "motivational payoff").

Achievement - helping children maximize their achievement (pushing the academic, athletic or artistic envelope as far as possible within a broad based college and life preparatory context).

Impact - helping in the spiritual development of children to live for a Christ-centered purpose - to impact the world through biblical thought and action.

As a community, we will achieve these goals in two primary ways:

Relationships -Veritas Chapel programs will focus on equipping individuals who desire to be discipled. These coaching/mentoring relationships will lead to intellectual, spiritual and emotional personal growth.

Excellence in Teaching - Veritas will apply best practices, personal and professional growth, and accountability to ensure sound doctrine and Godly standards. Professional development and training with measurable goals and assessment of learning will be ingrained in the organizational culture.

The Paideia of God

The goal of Veritas Academy is not to simply provide a different kind of education from that found in public schools, but a different kind of quality input into the life of the child who attends. What sets us apart is not that it is a classical education model; there are plenty of schools which can give a child that, without any spiritual input. And the end result of such an education will be simply a young adult more articulate about their inability to find a meaning in life to live for, to make sacrifices for, to achieve great things for and to die for. Like Werner Jaeger, who showed that the word paideia represented to the ancient Greeks an enormous ideological task of shaping the ideal man, Veritas Academy goes far beyond the scope of what we call formal education. It is an all-encompassing enculturation of the future citizen. It is this which we want our students to have, not just the mechanics of a system of learning, but the heart of a system of learning that creates transformed men and women bringing the Kingdom of God into time and history to create a new time, and a new history for this world.