Princeton Review's Top 10 College Majors

and how Veritas Academy prepares its students for them.

Beginning in freshman year, students:

  1. Discover their unique design
  2. Begin to document their greatest accomplishments
  3. Connect with university professors
  4. Visit local universities to explore majors of interest
1. Computer Science Through our advanced Computer Science Principles course, our students learn about computers, hardware and software, and about how to apply such knowledge.
2. Communications Through our Speech, Logic, Rhetoric, and Writing classes, students learn the art of argument and the varied effects of different communication environments. Our annual Speech Meet prepares our students to be eligible for the Association of Classical and Christian Schools Chrysostom Oratory Competition.
3. Political Science Our Statesmanship focus offers a unique opportunity for students to learn about government and politics while engaging in hands-on, real world leadership simulations. Students learn what it's like to be a representative as they are sworn in as as members or the House of Representatives. As they interact with MN State Senators, they discuss actual bills, take sides, and apply biblical principles to current issues.
4. Business In our leadership track, students take AP Macroeconomics in addition to advanced math courses including trigonometry and calculus, to prepare them for careers in business and economics.
5. Economics
6. English Language and Literature Through our Classical Readings requirement, students develop a passion for knowledge. Our Latin requirement gives them a rich understanding and appreciation of language. As they broaden their understanding of Philosophy, Poetry, Religion and Western History, they are trainedto analyze the works of the greatest minds and imaginations that human civilization has ever produced. This experience sharpens their critical, emotional, creative and moral faculties.
7. Psychology Our AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics and Research and Writing classes, taught through a Biblical Worldview, enable our students to develop a scientifically sound mind, critical thinking skills and a moral compass. As they pursue careers in the sciences, the foundation laid at Veritas Academy results in graduates who will lead with clarity and virtue.
8. Nursing
9. Engineering
10. Biology

A true classical, liberal, civic education recognizes with Lincoln that if we know where we are, by knowing where we have been, we shall then know “whither we are tending.” (A Classical Education for Modern Times, Terrence O. Moore)