A Glance at College Prep at Veritas

Individualized, introspective college counseling

...I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well (Psalm 139:14). Veritas Academy recognizes that all children are uniquely gifted and are created in the image of God.

What to Expect Each Year

Freshman Year (9th Grade)


  • Become accustomed to the rigor and rhythm of their classes
  • Pursue interests that invigorate them
  • Get to know their peers, and enjoy College Prep
Sophomore Year (10th Grade)


  • Focus on building their academic skills and excelling in their classes
  • Are encouraged to participate in activities that bring them joy and inspiration
  • Practice balancing coursework and play
Junior Year (11th Grade)
  • Parents are invited to a presentation that outlines the specifics of the college counseling process
  • A subsequent private meeting between parents and the college counselors ensures that each family has an opportunity to communicate openly.
  • Students work closely with the counselors in both small groups and one-on-one settings
  • Students receive individualized help with research and essay writing to ensure that their college search is substantive and productive
Senior Year (12th Grade)


  • Finish their essays
  • Finalize their list of prospective colleges
  • File their applications

A true classical, liberal, civic education recognizes with Lincoln that if we know where we are, by knowing where we have been, we shall then know “whither we are tending.” (A Classical Education for Modern Times, Terrence O. Moore)